From the moment a fire is started, every minute is critical. Building operations has about 2 minutes to locate the source, evacuate the area, contain the situation and ensure the fire department is informed. Traditional smoke detectors are only effective if someone is able to hear them, causing the fire to grow until additional alarms are triggered. Smart Fire Monitoring is a wireless solution connecting all smoke alarms in the building to a central fire panel. If an alarm is triggered anywhere, the fire panel is triggered in real-time, notifying you immediately of the precise location of the problem. Real-time alerts can be sent to the mobile devices of key individuals as well as to the authorities. This saves precious time. The Monitoring system is a cost effective solution for retrofitting older buildings or in brand new installations. Smart Fire Monitoring offers in-depth reporting, tracking the types and number of alarms triggered in a month, calculating the savings of reduced calls to emergency departments. Save time, save money, save lives with Smart Fire Monitoring. 

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