Situational awareness is critical to a response team. Responders need to effectively track and communicate with their team in any situation and maintain an accurate record of what happened, where and when. This solution provides an End-to-End mobile situational awareness platform that allows you to see where your team is and communicate with them in real-time. It stores all messages and location information to allow a graphical replay of events. It is available now as a cloud-based solution with apps for mobile and wearable devices such as smart watches. It is a secure, easily deployed and affordable solution that requires no training to use.

ROI Quick Facts:

- time savings on response (30 seconds per dispatch claimed by some customers since dispatch can see where people are and therefore avoid having to ask where they are via radio)

- lives saved/property damage minimized through faster and more accurate response

- avoidance of lost time and WCB fees through increased worker safety

- reduced time and costs associated with preparation for inquiries/court since all personnel locations and messages logged and can be replayed to support case (increases accuracy and avoid several days of analyst time collating data into reports).

- mitigation of liability (police have reported instance of tactical team storming into the wrong house and being sued as a result; CommandWear helps accurately display locations of teams to ensure accuracy).

Perfect for:

Public safety (police, fire, emergency medical)
Private Security (VIP Protection, Major Event Security Services)

- agency experienced lost life(s) or property damage due to poor situational awareness or comms (e.g. Moncton and Parliament Hill shootings).
- political/public pressure for accountability (police); This solution augments body-worn cameras with logged location and comms data.
- officer safety: keeping personnel out of harms way through gps personnel tracking, status monitoring and alerting through smartphone/smartwatch.
- incompatible radio and/or dispatch systems that don't allow for multi-agency inter-operability or a common operating picture.

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