Long term care, health care, nursing homes and retirement facilities often tend to patients with Dementia and Alzheimer. Without a moments notice, a patient can unexpectedly leave the facility under their own will, creating a chaotic situation for staff, emergency services and their families. We can provide peace of mind to the families and staff of such patients with the combination of a discreet RFID bracelet and smart camera, helping prevent the accidental departure of such residents. An unobtrusive RFID bracelet is worn by the patient. Once the patient is within the vicinity of the entrance way or of any exit doors, the smart camera detects their presence and alerts the staff of the potential situation. This provides ample time for staff to react calmly without creating a situation while also preventing any potential threat of someone leaving alone. This revolutionary technology can also act as a high quality video security camera, monitoring entrances and exits. Our solution provides peace to both staff and the families of residents.

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