Our Fleet Tracker provides comprehensive GPS tracking and real-time fleet monitoring. By installing GPS devices in your vehicles, you can keep tabs on the location of your fleet and the driving behavior of your staff at any time. Better visibility into your lines of business gives you the information you need to make your fleet more lean and efficient.

Hard Braking & Rapid Acceleration: Reduces fuel economy by 33% on the highway, 5% in the city. Our product monitors rough driving.

Speeding: Each 10 km/h (6.2mp/h) over 100 km/h (62mp/h) decreases fuel economy by 10%.

Idling: A typical truck can use up to 4 liters of fuel during 1 hour of idling. If your truck idles for three hours a day, you could be spending an extra $20 a day or $7,300 per year in fuel. Our product monitors idling.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Makes fleet vehicles more fuel-efficient and reduces emissions. Keeping tires properly inflated, for example, can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 19%. 

Perfect for:

-Parts Delivery / Office Supplies / Furniture Delivery
-Food & Beverage / Pharmaceutical Delivery
-Long-haul Transportation 
-Passenger (Limo, Patient Transfer, Shuttle Service)
-Environmental Services / Emergency Response
-Oil & Gas
-Government - School Districts
-Government - Public Transit
-Government Services: Towing/Snow Plowing
-Recycling / Waste Management
-HVAC / Plumbers / Technicians / Electricians

Reasons you should consider this:

-Manage and monitor driver behaviour
-Reduce fuel costs and vehicle life
-Reduce unauthorized vehicle use
-Optimize routing and fleet utilization
-Increase driver productivity
-Capture vehicle data such as status of ignition, battery voltage, door sensor and power take-off (PTO) sensor

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