Correctional and Rehabilitation facilities implement strict policies regarding its occupants' communication with members of the public. In order for these facilities to accurately protect and secure, it's necessary to detect all mobile devices on premises, whether they're permitted or not. This solution is a mobile security platform that can locate all cellular devices onsite, determine their network security compliance and disable their features such as camera, microphones and messaging. This technology is able to detect 100% of mobile devices (using either cellular or WiFi frequencies) and can pinpoint their location to an area as small as 1.5 meters. For registered devices used by security guards or employees, Zone-based security policies can automatically disable specific device features based on user privileges and locations such as dressing rooms, showers, and rehabilitation areas. This solution is operating system neutral - no apps required, making it ideal for employees who wish to use their own devices. Mitigate mobile security risks and eliminate contraband cellphones with our solution.
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