This product Monitors and records your fridges and freezers in real-time, allowing you to access accurate temperature readings, door status and run time information from the convenience of your smartphone. Be notified immediately of any change in temperature through text or email, buying you critical time to act on the situation. Historical data on run time and usage allows you to predict problems ahead of time, and plan for preventative maintenance. This product can increase your reaction time to a failure in your fridge or cooler, while reducing your risk of lost inventory. 

Food Spoilage due to a hardware failure or inaccurate temperature readings can cost a Grocer tens of thousands of dollars. Reaction time is critical to avoiding a complete loss in inventory. 

Coupled with insurance risk reduction and reducing employee overhead costs in monitoring (ex: hourly wages for employee checks, sub-contractors coming on site for service, etc) can save thousands over course of 1-2 years in case of being proactive on issue alerts and mitigating spoilage & employee monitoring costs.

Perfect for: 
Grocery Stores/Chains

Convenience Stores/Chains
Warehouses for storing cold products/manufacturing
Fridge/Freezer resellers, distributors and contractors
Doctors offices for vaccine fridges/freezers

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