If your business runs on construction equipment, trailers and more, Our Asset Tracker can show you where it is in real time with advanced GPS devices. Asset Tracker will not only help locate your equipment if it is lost or stolen, it will also show you if it is running, and where it is supposed to be in the field – all important information you need for effective job management. Our Asset Tracker features the AT1000 series, a rechargeable battery-based hardware device that is ideally designed to track non-powered or occasionally powered mobile assets.

- Check fuel level of generators and equipment remotely
- Set up a customizable boundary around any Point of Interest (POI) on a map for increased efficiency 
-Track the physical location of your high-value assets 
- Replay your asset's route with the breadcrumb trail feature
- Receive alerts and stay informed of events that are mission-critical to your operation (e.g. low battery, critical temperature, etc.)

Perfect for:

-Property Management
-Equipment Rental
-Long-haul Transportation
-Oil & Gas
-Leisure Vehicles: ATVs
- Create and customize reports based on your specific management needs

- Optimize asset utilization (Knowing the real-time location of your assets will help you utilize them in the most efficient manner and reduce unnecessary wear and tear.)

- Reduce the cost associated with lost or stolen assets (If your assets are lost or stolen, knowing their real-time location will help you decrease the time and costs associated with recovering it.)
- Reduce loss or damage of goods in transit (By monitoring important variables such as temperature, or door opening you can protect the integrity of your cargo while it is in transit and avoid losses due to theft.)
- Receive up to the minute sensory data (A wide array of sensors will give you real-time data related to the status of your assets.)

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