If your valuable assets are operating in remote locations where loss and theft are a possibility, you need a rugged tracking and monitoring system to secure your property. Our Asset Tracker monitors the location and activity of your high-value assets giving you the confidence that your equipment is safe and secure. Rugged tracking equipment withstands extreme environments, providing exceptional coverage with satellite or cellular options. A cloud based user friendly dashboard, provides you information on the status, location and activity of equipment.

- Cost-effective asset management solution for remote locations
- Re-claim stolen or lost property, and manage efficient usage & distribution of high value assets

Perfect for:

- Construction (Mobile generators, backhoes, construction offices, etc.)
- Forestry (Skidders, logging trailers, chippers, log loaders, etc.)
- Mining (Drill rigs & jumbos, utility vehicles, load & haul equipment, etc.)
- Oil & Gas (Light stands, light towers, portable camp shacks, crude haulers, portable generators, drill rigs, sea cans, etc.)
- Transportation (Shipping containers, trailers, forklifts, bulk transport industrial equipment, etc.)

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